Keeping My Head Above the Fog

My therapy sessions have been instrumental in keeping my head above the fog, while reminding me the importance of my own mental and physical well being.


As an individual with lifelong depression, I began to meet with Susanne several years ago. In addition to her incredible ability as a caring and conscientious therapist she is a knowledgeable and skilled life coach. For a person struggling with depression who is attempting to navigate through traumatic life events, Susanne has encouraged me to grow and move toward reaching goals and embracing necessary healing to achieve a full and meaningful life. Susanne is an empathetic person who always encourages me to use my abilities and gifts while showing compassion when I perceive I’m falling short. I highly recommend Susanne as a first class therapist who will not disappoint.

Shining Brighter

Therapy is awesome! Having an outside perspective to help process my experiences with trauma and grief as well as my day to day life is priceless. Suzanne’s warmth, compassion, experience and honesty are invaluable as she provides the tools to help build toward better mental and emotional health. I leave every session shining a bit brighter than when I arrived.

Forever Grateful

I am honored to give a testimonial on Susie Umiker Spurlock.  She is hands down the best thing that has happened to me in my life.  Her knowledge and skills have helped me so much live a better and more positive life.  I have learned so much from her on how to be more positive and be more healthy.  She is one of the most positive, intelligent, supportive, kind, and fun person I have ever met.  I can’t thank her enough for the positive impact she has made on my life for the better.  She is so smart and just explains things to me in a way that makes me understand it and helps me improve my life for the better.  I am forever grateful for meeting her and having her help me in my most difficult times in my life.  I would recommend her to anyone and everyone that is looking for guidance!  I can attest alone that she has again helped me so much and am forever grateful for her.


Thanks for throwing me the lifeline I needed to live a healthier and happier life